High-Performance Networking Technology Workshop

ECMWF held the workshop for High-Performance Technology in Local Area Networks from 22 to 24 September 2004.


The objective of the workshop was to bring together users and vendors of high-performance networking and interconnect technologies and share thoughts on the technology deployments, trends and future directions with European focus.



Neil Storer (ECMWF)

Session 1: User Applications requiring High-Performance Networking

High Performance Networking at ECMWF & HPN configuration and Load-balancing for Cluster Synchronization

Dieter Niebel (ECMWF)

Infiniband and 10G in I/O-intensive farm computing & Network technologies for the LHC Computing Grid? Report on 10G and Infiniband as interconnects into our computing farm; Wide area transfer results with 10G

Andras Horvath (CERN)

GridKa LAN, an LHC Tier-1 Centre Network & Network implementation; Roadmap for 2007/8 (start of LHC at CERN); Setting up of the 10G test bed, GridKa-CERN

Bruno Hoeft (FZK Karlsruhe)

Data Intensive Applications and Networking & Overview of the TeraGrid and its applications

Nathaniel Mendoza (SDSC)

Current Hardware (NEC SX-6, Cray Opteron Cluster); Future Hardware & Networks (NEC SX-6X with high-performance interconnect; PC-Cluster and interconnect; Integration on the file system level)

Thomas Boenisch (HLRS Stuttgart)

Session 2: High-Performance Interconnect

Advances in Myrinet Technology & Current Myrinet technology; outline of future offerings from Myricom

Michael Rudgyard (Streamline)

Demo: Participants are Extreme, Force10, Foundry, Intel, LNXI


Session 2: High-Performance Interconnect

InfiniBand update & The growth in numbers of installations, HPC and Enterprise Grid applications & installed "total solutions"

John Asher (Voltaire)

Linux Networx - Infiniband Experiences & Past experiences, current status, and future innovations offered by InfiniBand interconnect technologies from an integrator's view.

David Flynn (LNXI)

Advanced Switching (AS) Technology Update from the Intel Perspective & Host-bus (tree topology) technologies versus backplane fabric interconnects; AS Interconnect (based on PCI-Express), current status, and roadmap for the technology adoption and Intel's vision

Mark Green (INTEL)

A Single-Chip 10Gbps Ethernet Switch and Its Switch Box XG800

Yukihiro Nakagawa, Fujitsu

The IBM Federation Switch & Architecture overview; performance comparisons against the "Colony" switch measured on the "other" UK HPS implementation - HPCx

Jonathan Follows (IBM)

QsNetII - A High Performance Solution for Large Scale Commodity Computing & Network characteristics, recent developments, case study on integration of Quadrics based supercomputing clusters, futures

John Taylor (Quadrics)

A survey of the Cray XD1 to the RedStorm system, with an overview of future interconnects for the Ranier system

Dennis Abts (Cray)

Session 3 (part 1): BUS, 10G adapters & media, TCP Offload Engines on Servers

IBM's 10GbE, iSCSI, other TCP/IP offload efforts and performance challenges for 10GbE

Sivarama Kodukula (IBM)

"10 Gigabit Ethernet over Copper" - Latest Developments in Balanced Cabling Systems & Upcoming standards and technical challenges for manufacturers

Kevin Anderson (KRONE)

Session 4: FC, iSCSI & SAN (>1 Gigabit)

Evolution of Fibrechannel, 1/2/4/8/10 Gbps, compared with Ethernet; New development in iSCSI space (iSER), and comparison with TOE (TCP Offload Engine) solutions

Walter Dey (Cisco)

Session 5: 10G- Switch/Routers & Architecture

The reality of delivering very scalable high performance computing over low-cost 10GB and 1GB Ethernet solutions

Joe Carlucci (3Com)

Terascale architecture and levels of performance, scalability and resiliency required for Grid and Cluster applications

Adam Filby (Force10)

High Performance Interconnect Solutions

Mark Danckert (Foundry)

High Performance Open Switch Architecture for Cluster applications & A high-speed switch architecture adaptable to changing network applications without downtime of critical services

Martin van Schooten (Extreme)

Cisco Catalyst 6500: 10GE offering, switching fabric and linecard architecture overview

Christopher Paggen (Cisco)

Session 3 (part 2): BUS, 10G adapters & media, TCP Offload Engines on Servers

Intel's current view of TCP/IP offload

Mark Godding (Intel)

Session 6: Future of High-Performance Networking

Round-Table: Panellists briefly present their views & Round-Table: Discussion