Role of the upper ocean in medium and extended range forecasting

A Workshop on the Role of the upper ocean in medium and extended range forecasting was held at ECMWF on 13 to 15 November 2002.


The ocean plays an important role in seasonal forecasting. The best known process is El Nino with its origins in the tropical Pacific where air-sea interaction is strong, but there is evidence emerging of partly predictable phenomena in the Atlantic and Indian oceans also. At shorter time scales, ocean-atmosphere interaction may be important in for example tropical storm prediction and the intraseasonal oscillation. With developments in the ocean observation system and in data assimilation and modelling, the potential for making and using upper ocean forecasts has improved substantially.

This meeting covered 4 main themes:

  • Discussion of significant phenomena which involve air/sea coupling on the timescales from hours to months.
  • The use of ocean forecasts on these timescales.
  • New methods of observing the ocean and challenges in assimilating data in ocean models.
  • Recent advances in ocean and ice modelling and requirements for further progress.


PDF iconIntroduction and working group reports


POAMA: Bureau of Meteorology Coupled Model Seasonal Forecast System

O Alves

PDF icon

Dealing with systematic error in ocean assimilation

M Balmaseda

PDF icon

Seasonal prediction at the Met Office

B Becker

PDF icon

Sea surface temperature modification of low-level winds

D B Chelton

PDF icon

Modeling sea-ice and its interactions with the ocean and the atmosphere

H Goosse

PDF icon

Impact of sea state on atmosphere and ocean

P A E M Janssen

PDF icon

Upper ocean model physics development

G Madec

PDF icon

Seasonal forecasting at NASA's Seasonal-to-Interannual Prediction Project (NSIPP)

M M Rienecker

PDF icon

Seasonal forecasting at ECMWF

T Stockdale

PDF icon

The role of the Atlantic Ocean in climate forecasting

R T Sutton

PDF icon

3D-Var and 4D-Var approaches to ocean data assimilation

A T Weaver

PDF icon

Air-sea interaction on intraseasonal timescales and its implication for the representation of the upper ocean for medium and extended range prediction

S J Woolnough

PDF icon

The role of the Indian Ocean in climate forecasting with a particular emphasis on summer conditions in East Asia

T Yamagata

PDF icon

The MERCATOR approach to real-time ocean data assimilation and forecasting

P de Mey

PDF icon

Ensemble Kalman filters, sequential importance resampling and beyond

P-J van Leeuwen

PDF icon