Workshop on Applications of Seasonal Forecasting

The Workshop on Applications of Seasonal Forecasting was held from 14 to 15 June 1999.


PDF iconIntroduction


The ECMWF seasonal forecasting system

D Anderson

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UK Met Office Customer needs

A Bedford

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Needs of seasonal weather forecasts for the Italian Electric System

P Bonelli

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Seasonal climate forecasting and electricity - a case study

J-Y Caneill

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Rationale for forecasting malaria epidemics

C Delacollete

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Crop yield forecasts derived from agro-meteorological models: the MARS project

G Genovese

PDF icon

Seasonal weather forecasting - requirements of the food chain

M Hall

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Seasonal forecasting in the control of aphids and other pests and diseases

R Harrington

PDF icon

Weather bonds in insurance

P Martin

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The use of seasonal forecasting information in catastrophe loss modelling

R Muir-Wood

PDF icon

Tsunami - linking insurance and science

J Orr

PDF icon

The scientific basis for seasonal prediction

T Palmer

PDF icon

The value of reliable seasonal weather forecasts in the Nordic Electricity market

R Soegrov Mysterud

PDF icon

Epidemic disease preparedness in Africa: a role for seasonal forecasting

M Thomson

PDF icon

Seasonal weather forecasts: opportunities and challenges for the insurance industry

J Trub

PDF icon

Volume planning in the Ruhrgas dispatching - possible influence of reliable seasonal weather forecast

U Wolf

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