ECMWF/EUMETSAT Workshop on Use of ATOVS Data for NWP Assimilation

The ECMWF/EUMETSAT Workshop on Use of ATOVS Data for NWP Assimilation was held from 2 to 5 November 1999.

Working groups

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Calibration and in-orbit performance of AMSU-B

N C Atkinson

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A review of intersatellite calibration and radiance bias correction

J J Bates

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The use of ATOVS data in the CMC 3D variational analysis system: estimation and importance of observation errors

C Chouinard

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1DVAR retrievals of humidity: how useful are SSM/T-2 brightness temperatures?

G Deblonde

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The use of ATOVS data at NCEP

J C Derber

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Forward modelling for liquid water cloud and land surface emissivity

S J English

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Results for the HIRS-AMSU intercomparison of radiative transfer codes

L Garand

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Methodology and validation of AMSU-A limb adjustment

M D Goldberg

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Use of ATOVS radiances in the global model at BMRC

B Harris

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Microwave surface emissivity over snow and ice

T J Hewison

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Improvements in the usage TOVS data at the NASA Goddard Data Assimilation Office

J Joiner

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Status and plans for AAPP

K D Klaes

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Towards a strategy for infrared emissivity

T J Kleespies

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ATOVS retrievals for local HRPT

L Lavanant

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The use of raw TOVS/ATOVS radiances in the ECMWF 4D-Var assimilation system

A P McNally

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The assimilation of ATOVS at JMA

K Okamoto

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Current use of TOVS monitoring of ATOVS data at Meteo-France

F Rabier

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Scientific status of NESDIS advanced TOVS sounding products

A Reale

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ATOVS assimilation at UKMO

R J Renshaw

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Fast RT models for radiance assimilation; issues for the next millennium

R Saunders

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A non-Gaussian approach to 1D-Var

H Schyberg

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Development of precipitation and cloud products from ATOVS/AVHRR data at SMHI

A Thoss

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