Workshop on Modelling and Data Assimilation for Land Surface Processes

The Workshop on Modelling and Data Assimilation for Land Surface Processes was held from 29 June to 2 July 1998.


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Evaluating the land-surface component of NWP models using field experiment data specifically BOREAS

A K Betts

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Land-surface modelling at the UK Met Office

P Cox

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Climate model land boundary conditions from satellite data such as AVHRR

R Dickinson

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Global ISLSCP data initiatives, and the Global Soil Wetness Project

P A Dirmeyer

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Parametrization of snow in NWP and climate models: Motivation, requirements and validation

H Douville

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Amazonian surface fluxes and boundary layer development: results from ABRACOS and prospects for LBA

J H C Gash

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Potential of Meteosat Second Generation for the monitoring of land-surface properties

Y M Govaerts

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Land-surface processes at high latitudes

R J Harding

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Microwave soil moisture remote sensing

P R Houser

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Application of a large scale hydrological model to the Arkansas-Red River basin

C G Kilsby

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A new approach to the treatment of sub-grid scale heterogeneity in land surface models

R Koster

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Accounting for snow in regional and global atmospheric models

G E Liston

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SAFRAN/CROCUS: meteorological analysis and snow monitoring in mountain regions

E Martin

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The assimilation of radiance data over land and ice surfaces

T McNally

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Recent GCIP advancements in coupled land-surface modeling and data assimilation in the NCEP mesoscale ETA model

K Mitchell

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Land-surface modelling at Meteo-France: Operational implementation of ISBA and recent developments (CO2 and hydrology)

J Noilhan

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Uncertainty in the parametrization of land-surface schemes: experience from PILPS

A J Pitman

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Analysis of soil moisture from screen-level atmospheric observations using a variational method

A Rhodin

PDF icon

Using soil moisture observations to evaluate land surface models

A Robock

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Surface modelling in HIRLAM: Heterogeneity aspects

E Rodriguez-Camino

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Soil moisture assimilation using satellite derived surface fluxes

B van den Hurk

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