Annual seminar on Atmosphere-surface Interaction

The Annual seminar on Atmosphere-surface Interaction was held from 8 to 12 September 1997.


Air-sea interaction in the ECMWF model

A C M Beljaars

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The North Atlantic Oscillation (NAO)

R R Dickson

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Ocean-interaction effects on tropical cyclones

K A Emanuel

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A theory for interdecadal climate fluctuations

D Gu

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The impact of ocean waves on the atmosphere

P Viterbo

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Diagnosis of the ECMWF model performance over the tropical oceans

E Klinker

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The physics of ocean waves

G Komen

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Seasonal and atmospheric predictability - the ECMWF PROVOST experience

T N Palmer

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The sensitivity of the tropical climate to land surface processes

J Polcher

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Observations of ocean surface fluxes: means and variability

P K Taylor

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