Workshop on New Insights and Approaches to Convective Parametrization

The Workshop on New Insights and Approaches to Convective Parametrization was held from 4 to 7 November 1996.


PDF iconIntroduction and working group reports


The parametrization of deep convection: a review

A K Betts

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Parametrization of cumulus and MCSs in GCMs to mesoscale models

W R Cotton

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The problem of convective moistening

K A Emanuel

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Coupling between the convection and boundary layer schemes in the UKMO unified model

A L M Grant

PDF icon

Parametrization of convective momentum transports in the ECMWF model: Evaluation using cloud resolving models and impact upon model climate

D Gregory

PDF icon

Recent observations of deep convection: TOGA COARE

R H Johnson

PDF icon

Convectively generated gravity waves and their parameterization

R Kershaw

PDF icon

On the use of physical parametrizations in linearized NWP models

J-F Mahfouf

PDF icon

What controls large-scale variations of deep convection

B Mapes

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Issues in convective momentum transports

M W Moncrieff

PDF icon

On parametrizing scales that are only somewhat smaller than the smallest resolved scales, with application to convection and orography

T N Palmer

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Detailed analysis of cloud systems observed during TOGA COARE: simulations forced and unforced by the large scale motions

J L Redelsperger

PDF icon

A balanced flow perspective of the effect of deep convection

G J Shutts

PDF icon

On the mass flux approach for atmospheric convection

P Siebesma

PDF icon

Tropical variability and the validation of convective parametrizations

J Slingo

PDF icon

Simulation of mesoscale convective systems

W-K Tao

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Explicit numerical simulation of cumulus within a developing tropical cyclone

G J Tripoli

PDF icon

Recent progress on cloud-resolving modeling of TOGA COARE and GATE cloud systems

X Wu

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