ECMWF/GEWEX Workshop on Modelling, Validation and Assimilation of Clouds

The ECMWF/GEWEX Workshop on Modelling, Validation and Assimilation of Clouds was held from 31 October to 4 November 1994.


PDF iconIntroduction and working group reports


Parametrization of mixed-phase cloud and precipitation

SP Ballard

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The role of spaceborne millimetre-wave radar in the global monitoring of ice cloud

P R A Brown

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Use of cloud analyses to validate and improve model-diagnostic clouds at NMC

K A Campana

PDF icon

Parametrization of cirrus clouds in GCM

L D Donner

PDF icon

Microphysics in small scale cloud models

A I Flossmann

PDF icon

Implementation of cloud microphysics in the CSU GCM

L D Fowler

PDF icon

Observations of relative humidity conditions required for cirrus formation

A J Heymsfield

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The impact of the new cloud scheme on ECMWF's integrated forecasting system (IFS)

C Jakob

PDF icon

Validation of HIRLAM cloud forecasts using satellite-derived cloud cover statistics

K-G Karlsson

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Physical initialization

T N Krishnamurti

PDF icon

Predicting the radiative properties of cirrus clouds

D L Mitchell

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A moisture adjustment scheme using geostationary satellite at the Japan Meteorological Agency

A Nomura

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Modelling winter clouds with the MM5 model

R Rasmussen

PDF icon

Modelling frontal clouds with the CNRM cloud-resolving model

J L Redelsperger

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Impact of a statistical cloud scheme on the results of the "Arpege-climat" model

J L Ricard

PDF icon

Routine comparison of observed and modelled clouds

L Rikus

PDF icon

Validation of model clouds using satellite data

R Rizzi

PDF icon

The nature of precipitating layer clouds around the world

R F Ryan

PDF icon

Critical processes within and attributes of frontal clouds

R E Stewart

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Modelling cloud microphysics in GCMs

H Sundqvist

PDF icon

Critical aspects of cloud parametrization in large-scale models

M Tiedtke

PDF icon

Mesoscale simulations of cloud microphysics within a winter storm: some implications for large-scale phase schemes

A Tremblay

PDF icon

Cloud prediction scheme in the ETA model at NCEP

Q Zhao

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