Workshop on Stratosphere and Numerical Weather Prediction

The Workshop on Stratosphere and Numerical Weather Prediction was held from 15 to 17 November 1993.

Working groups

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Stratospheric PV distributions in NWP models

T Davies

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The GFDL SKYHI general circulation model: some results of relevance for numerical weather prediction

K Hamilton

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Some aspects of stratospheric data assimilation at ECMWF

G Kelly

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Diagnosis of the performance of the ECMWF forecasting system in the stratosphere

E Klinker

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Modelling of the stratosphere with the ECHAM general circulation model

E Manzini

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A synoptic view of the ECMWF stratospheric measurement campaigns

B Naujokat

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High-resolution contour advection using NWP products

R A Plumb

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Short range simulations of extratropical total ozone with Arpege/IFS

L-P Riishojgaard

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Some stratospheric aspects of model development at ECMWF

A Simmons

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Stratospheric data assimilation for the UARS project

R Swinbank

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Stratospheric modelling within UGAMP

J Thuburn

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Use of ECMWF products in stratospheric measurement campaigns

A Tuck

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