Workshop on Variational Assimilation, with special emphasis on Three-dimensional Aspects

The Workshop on Variational Assimilation, with special emphasis on Three-dimensional Aspects was held from 9 to 12 November 1992


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Use of radiances in 3D/4D variational data assimilation

E Andersson

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Adjoint of a non-hydrostatic model

P Bernardet

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Short term dynamics of forecast error covariances

S Cohn

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A strategy for operational implementation of 4D-var

P Courtier

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Spectral characteristics of Kalman filter systems with application to the equatorial beta plane

R Daley

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A simple scheme for tuning forecast error covariance parameters

D P Dee

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The SSI analysis system and extensions to 4D

J C Derber

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Data assimilation with an extended Kalman filter

P Gauthier

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Use of a digital filter as a weak constraint in variational data assimilation

N Gustafsson

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The ECMWF variational analysis: General formulation and use of background information

W Heckley

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Non-gaussian probabilities in data assimilation and quality control decisions

A Lorenc

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Some aspects of forecast and model error

H Mitchell

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Organization of 3D-var analysis with the IFS/ARPEGE project. Future plans at METEO- France

J Pailleux

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Comparison of four-dimensional variational assimilation with simplified sequential assimilation

F Rabier

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Perspectives in data assimilation (Abstract)

O Talagrand

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Use of dynamical information in a 4D variational assimilation

J-N Thépaut

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ECMWF 3D variational data assimilation of conventional observations

D Vasiljevic

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Effect of model errors in variational assimilation (Abstract)

W Wergen

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