Workshop on Using Multiprocessors in Meteorological Models

The Workshop on Using Multiprocessors in Meteorological Models was held from 3 to 6 December 1984.


PDF iconIntroduction

PDF iconSummary of discussions


Computer requirements for atmospheric modelling

L Bengtsson

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The current state of meteorological modelling

D M Burridge

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The multitasking spectral model at ECMWF

D Dent

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Multi-Processing of Weather Models

B Groscup

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(equation) measurements on the 2-cpu Cray X-mp

R W Hockney

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Aspects of using Multiprocessors for meteorological modelling

G-R Hoffmann

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MIMD features supported in NEC's computer systems

A Iwaya

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Practical concerns in multitasking on the Cray X-MP

J L Larson

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Using an IBM Multiprocessor System

A L Lim

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Programming languages for multiprocessor systems

R H Perrott

PDF icon

MIMD processing and the Denelcor HEP

D F Snelling

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Canadian Meteorological Services' Plans for Using Multi-Processor Systems

A Staniforth

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Atmospheric Modeling on a SIMD Computer

M J Suarez

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Fujitsu's General Experiences in Multiprocessors

K Uchida

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UK Meteorological Office's plans for using multiprocessor systems

P W White

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