Workshop on Convection in Large-scale Numerical Models

The Workshop on Convection in Large-scale Numerical Models was held from 28 November to 1 December 1983.


PDF iconIntroduction and working group reports


Atmospheric convective structure and a convection scheme based on saturation point methods

A K Betts

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Design and testing of a new scheme for convection parameterisation

P Bougeault

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Dynamics of cloud-mean flow interactions in the tropical atmosphere

H-R Cho

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A diagnostic study of the closure assumption in the Arakawa-Schubert cumulus parameterisation using GATE data

L Dümenil

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Simulations of directly-forced motions in the tropics using simple analytic models

A E Gill

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Impact of convection schemes in mesoscale models

B W Golding

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Sensitivity studies of the GCM simulations to cloudiness specification

H Le Treut

PDF icon

A parameterisation of shallow cumulus convection

M Manton

PDF icon

The use and implementation of dynamical cloud models in a parameterisation scheme for deep convection

M J Miller

PDF icon

Impact of subgrid-scale parameterisations on monthly forecasts

K Miyakoda

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Sensitivity of global simulations to the formulation of the evaporation of convective condensates

P R Rowntree

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The impact of cloud clusters on the flow as derived from GATE data

E Ruprecht

PDF icon

Response of the tropical atmosphere to convective cloud clusters

W H Schubert

PDF icon

CISK as a basis for convective parameterisation in baroclinic flows - application to frontal development

A J Thorpe

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The sensitivity of the time-mean large-scale flow to cumulus convection in the ECMWF model

M Tiedtke

PDF icon

The response of primitive equation models to thermal and/or mechanical forcing

W Wergen

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