Workshop on Intercomparison of Large-scale Models used for Extended Range Forecasts

The Workshop on Intercomparison of Large-scale Models used for Extended Range Forecasts was held from 30 June to 2 July 1982.


PDF iconIntroduction


Climatology of the atmospheric circulation simulated by the NCAR Community Climate Model.

M L Blackmon

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Sensitivity of the ECMWF model to changes in resolution

U Cubasch

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Error estimates for extended range forecasts with dynamic models

J Egger

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Zonal mean winds and momentum budgets

J S A Green

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On the performance of the ECMWF model in the tropics

W A Heckley

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Observational studies relevant for the verification of the general circulation models

E O Holopainen

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Some differences between the Met O 20 5 and 11 layer model annual cycle integrations

J F B Mitchell

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The role of radiation in the zonal mean circulation: GCM experiments

V Ramanathan

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Monthly and seasonal simulations with the GLAS climate model

D A Randall

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Sensitivity of general circulation models to land surface processes

P R Rowntree

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Some aspects of the performance of a basic version of the LMD general circulation model in January and July simulations

R Sadourny

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Barotropic wave propagation and instability, atmospheric teleconnection patterns, and behaviour of large-scale models

A J Simmons

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The sensitivity of the simulated large-scale flow to conservation properties and horizontal diffusion schemes in the ECMWF gridpoint model

R Strüfing

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Winter and summer simulations with the ECMWF model

M Tiedtke

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Reduction of systematic forecast errors in the ECMWF model through the introduction of an envelope orography

J M Wallace

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