Workshop on Current Problems in Data Assimilation

The Workshop on Current Problems in Data Assimilation was held from 8 to 10 November 1982.


PDF iconIntroduction

PDF iconDiscussion and recommendations


Experiments with increased vertical resolution in the ECMWF analysis system

J H Andersen

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Analysis of large scale normal modes by the ECMWF analysis scheme

G J Cats

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Adjustment in numerical weather prediction models in the tropics

W A Heckley

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The response of numerical weather prediction systems to FGGE II-b data. Part I: Analyses

A Hollingsworth

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A proposed scheme for objective analysis of the tropical wind field

P Julian

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The operational 254km grid analysis scheme and the experimental 127km grid scheme at DWD

A Kaestner

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Assimilation of single level wind data

A Lorenc

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Structure functions and their implications for higher order analysis

P Lönnberg

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Mesoscale analysis at "Direction de la Meteorologie"

J Pailleux

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Mesoscale analysis at UK Meteorological Office

R J Purser

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Fine mesh analysis by use of isentropic surfaces

E Reimer

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Forced motion in the tropics

W Wergen

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A unified analysis - initialisation technique

D L Williamson

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