Workshop on Diagnostics of Diabatic Processes

The Workshop on Diagnostics of Diabatic Processes was held from 23 to 25 April 1980.


PDF iconIntroduction


The verification and diagnostic package at ECMWF

K Arpe

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Analyzed vertical heat fluxes over the Northern Hemisphere

M Hantel

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Effect of diabatic processes on transient mid-latitude waves

B J Hoskins

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A diagnostic study of the local sources and sinks of momentum, kinetic energy, vorticity and heat in the observed Northern Hemisphere wintertime circulation

N C Lau

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Energy budget calculations and diabatic effects for limited areas computed from ECMWF analyses and forecasts

H Sävijärvi

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Diagnostics of Diabatic Processes processes in global numerical experiments at ECMWF

M Tiedtke

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Problems associated with the parameterization of diabatic heating and radiation-cloud relationships in low latitudes

P J Webster

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