Registration forms

Notes concerning the computer registration forms


Project registration

  • For any new Project you must fill in and return a Project Registration form listing all user identifiers (UIDs) to be used under this Project. This form should also be used to notify us of any changes of users on this Project.
  • If any of the users are not already registered then please fill-in a User Registration form for each one.

User registration

  • Please ensure that if you make copies, users signing the form are aware of the obligations contained in the notes. When signing the form the user is acknowledging the conditions under which use of the ECMWF systems is permitted.
  • ONLY the registered owner of the UID is allowed to use it. Thus please give every user a separate 4-character UID. The choice of UID should be “disciplined” - i.e. not a random collection of letters (e.g. people’s initials). If a specified UID is not available ECMWF reserves the right to choose an alternative.
  • Please restrict the registered users to just those who will actually use the ECMWF systems. Each new user will be given a security token which will remain the property of ECMWF and must NOT be shared with anyone else. These tokens have a limited lifetime (5-6 years approximately). The handling/renewal of these tokens is usually managed via the National Meteorological Services, often by the Computing Representative, or by ECMWF (User Support and/or Call Desk). When the UID is no longer required the token should be returned to the Computing Representative or to ECMWF User Support.

Group access control

Under UNIX it is necessary to define which groups a user belongs to. By default, all users in a given group can read each other’s files, whereas files belonging to other groups are not accessible.

  • This is primarily used for file access permissions within the UNIX file systems. Unless otherwise requested users from the same country will belong to a group related to that country. However, Special Project users might belong to a separate group, e.g. spde for users in German Special Projects.  
  • If you wish to change the default group assignment, please list the group(s) to which you wish the users to be assigned. If left blank, the above default will be used.

If you have requirements different from the above default, please contact your User Support contact point.

Choice of computer

The general-purpose server ecgate should be used for MARS data handling requests, job preparation or where there is little need for numerically intensive computation.
N.B. No accounting is done on ecgate - resources are available to all users. However, it is a shared facility and if a user uses an unfair proportion of this machine or uses resources inefficiently such that it impacts usage of the machine we reserve the right to control this for the benefit of all users.

If you need very large amounts of resources (e.g. CPU, processors, disk space) then you should request access to use the High Performance Computing Facility (HPCF). In particular this includes any work requiring multiple processors.

If you need further advice/assistance, please contact your User Support contact point.

Data archive (MARS) access

All users will automatically be registered to access the archived data held in MARS. If you want a user to be able to access the most recent meteorological products held in MARS, then please mark the box “Current forecast access” on the Registration form. However, in this case the form must be signed by the relevant Computing Representative for authorisation.

User deregistration

If any users listed have left your institute please let us know so that we can delete them from our systems. A form is available for this purpose entitled "Deregistration of a user at ECMWF". There are two main purposes of this form - to let us know about the status of unexpired tokens and to tell us whether the user’s files need to be taken over by (copied to) someone else.

User registration

Member State user registration form PDF icon ms_reg.pdf File ms_reg.docx
Co-operating State user registration form coop_reg.pdf coop_reg.doc
CTBTO user registration form ctbto_reg.pdf ctbto_reg.docx
ESA user registration form esa_reg.pdf esa_reg.doc
EUMETSAT user registration form eumetsat_reg.pdf eumetsat_reg.doc
JRC user registration form jrc_reg.pdf jrc_reg.doc
Deregistration of a user deregistration.pdf deregistration.docx

Special Projects

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Request for additional resources in the current year for an existing Special Project

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