Special Project request submission

If you wish to start your project in 2025 please submit/upload a completed 'Request for a Special Project (2025-2027)' to reach ECMWF by 30 June 2024 using the web form below (requires login), following the guidance for Special Project applications.

If you miss the 30 June deadline, you should submit/upload a completed 'Late request for a Special Project (2024-2026)' as soon as you can: you may be eligible to receive resources from the Special Project reserve which is set aside specifically for ad hoc allocations. Please note that any late request will be limited in size.

All requests submitted/uploaded through the web form below (requires login) will be automatically forwarded to the Director of the relevant national meteorological service for approval and submission to ECMWF. All requests submitted in this way will be published on the ECMWF website for further review.

Your submission of the web form will be acknowledged by email.