Zied Ben Bouallegue

Forecast Department, Evaluation Section, Verification and Observation Monitoring


Zied joined ECMWF in 2016. His work includes the monitoring of forecast performance, as well as the exploration of new concepts and methodologies in the field of ensemble forecast verification. He has also technical and scientific duties in the framework of the WMO Lead Centres activities.

Professional interests:
  • Ensemble forecast evaluation
  • Statistical post-processing
  • Probabilistic forecast applications
Career background:

Professional Experience

Zied worked at the German weather service (DWD) with the team that developed (one of) the first operational  ensemble prediction system at the convective-scale (COSMO-DE-EPS). He also investigated the potential and deficiencies of ensemble global radiation and wind forecasts for renewable energy applications (EWeLiNE project). As an early professional experience, Z developed verification tools and methods for the assessment of ocean forecasts at the GeoHydrodynamic and Environment Research lab (GHER Liège, Belgium) and at the National Institute of Geophysics and Volcanology (INGV Bologna, Italy) within the framework of the European project MFSTEP.  


Zied has a Master in Aerospace Engineering (University of Liège, Belgium), a Master of Advanced Studies in Environmental Sciences (University of Liège, Belgium; University of Paris VI, France). He completed his PhD on the topic "verification and post-processing of ensemble weather forecasts for renewable energy applications" under the supervision of Pr. Andreas Hense at the University of Bonn (Germany).