Volkan Firat

Forecast Analyst
Forecast Department, Production Section, Observations

Volkan has been working at ECMWF within the Observations Team since 2019. He worked for a variety of projects and programmes such as SAPP Optional Programme, SEE-MHEWS-A project, and ESA Aeolus DAMI contract. He is currently working for Destination Earth (DestinE) and is responsible from the acquisition and pre-processing of new observations required for DestinE.
Professional interests:
  • In-situ and satellite remote sensing observations
  • Development, operation and monitoring of meteorological observations acquisition and pre-processing systems 
Career background:
  • 2019 - present: Forecast analyst, ECMWF
  • 2015 - 2019: Engineer, Turkish State Meteorological Service
  • 2014 - 2014: Research assistant, Texas A&M University