Tony McNally

Head of Earth System Assimilation
Research Department, Earth System Assimilation Section


Tony McNally is the Head of Earth System Assimilation and a Principal Scientist. He is responsible for leading activities in the ECMWF Research Department related to the exploitation of observations and development of the centre's advanced data assimilation systems.

Professional interests:

Exploitation of satellite-based radiation measurements of the atmosphere to support research and operational activities in Numerical Weather Prediction, Climate Reanalyses and Atmospheric Composition.

In particular:

  • Using satellite observations to improve numerical analyses that provide initial conditions for NWP models and optimising assimilation systems to make best use of these data.
  • Using satellite observations in process studies to better understand important atmospheric phenomena such as the Hadley Circulation, Tropical cyclones, orographic gravity waves and sudden stratospheric warming.
  • Improving the handling of satellite signal contamination due to clouds, aerosol species and anomalous atmospheric gas concentrations (pollution). 
  • Developing automated detection, correction and alarm systems to monitor the quality of observations from the global network of meteorological satellites.
  • Assessing the relative impacts of different types of satellite observations and the resulting socio-economic benefit in the wider context of future mission design.
Career background:

1989 to present day. European Centre for Medium-Range Weather Forecasts
Current position : Research Department Principal Scientist and Head of Earth System Assimilation

1996 -1997 NOAA (USA) National Centre for Environmental Prediction (NCEP)
Seconded to Research Department working on satellite data assimilation and future space mission planning

External recognitions

JCSDA (NOAA/NASA/DOD) Scientific Steering Panel

NOAA JPSS Scientific Advisory Panel

ESA GEO-MW Advisory Panel

EUMETSAT Scientific Working Group for IASI (ISSWG)


EUMETSAT Mission Advisory Group for MTG-IRS

GODEX-NWP (International Observation Exchange) Chair

Peer Reviewed Publications

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Other Publications

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