Stephanie Johnson

Copernicus Department, C3S Section, Seasonal Forecast Group

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Stephanie Johnson is a scientist working on the scientific and technical development of ECMWF's seasonal forecast system. She has worked on configuring and assessing SEAS5, ECMWF's fifth generation seasonal forecast system. She is particularly interested in improving predictive skill on the seasonal time scale and the potential benefits a seamless approach to forecasting may have for this time scale.

Professional interests: 
  • Seasonal forecasting
  • Global monsoon systems
Career background: 

She completed her PhD in astrophysics at Harvard University before starting as a research scientist at the University of Reading in 2010. There she worked on understanding and improving the representation of the South Asian monsoon in the Met Office's Unified model:

  • Dec 2010 – May 2014: Joint Weather and Climate research programme project funded by the National Environment Research Council and the UK Met Office to assess, understand and improve the representation of the South Asian monsoon in climate models, particularly the Met Office Unified Model.
  • June 2014 – Nov 2015: National Monsoon Mission project funded by the Indian Ministry of Earth Sciences to assess and improve Indian monsoon subseasonal to seasonal forecasting.

In 2016 she started at ECMWF as a scientist working on the seasonal forecast system.




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