Souhail Boussetta

Research Department, Earth System Modelling Section, Coupled Processes Group


Souhail Boussetta is a Scientist in the ECMWF Research Department Coupled Processes team. His research interests concentrate on the complex coupled biogeophyiscal processes occurring at the surface and influencing the Earth system and its energy water and carbon cycles.
As scientist at ECMWF his main objectives are to contribute to delivering the most accurate weather and environmental predictions from one day up to a year ahead and in climate reanalysis. His main focus lies in improving the land surface parametrisation of the ECMWF model and its interaction with the atmosphere. Improved predictability is achieved via enhanced process understanding and refined parametrisations (e.g. evapotranspiration, soil and snow thermodynamics, surface albedo and roughness), making optimal use of available information such us in-situ and satellite observations in addition to reanalysis products.
These activities converge with several international science projects goals to which Souhail has contributed including several peer-reviewed publications relating the land surface parametrization and its interaction with the atmosphere.


Professional interests:

•    Improved representation of land surface physical processes within NWP systems.
•    Land surface-atmosphere interactions.
•    Closing the gap of surface modelling across temporal and spatial scales toward efficient use in applications for societal benefits.


Career background:

Job History
Since 2012 Scientist on Land surface modelling, ECMWF.
2009- 2012 Consultant on Land surface modelling, ECMWF.
2005-2009 Assistant professor at the Civil Engineering department, The University of Tokyo.
2004-2006  Senior Lecturer (visiting from October 2005) at TAMA Art University, Japan.

•    Ph.D  Civil Engineering Department,The University of Tokyo, (Thesis on: the assimilation of microwave remote sensing data into a coupled land-atmosphere system for improved physical  downscaling), 2005.
•    Certificate on specialised Oil Reservoir studies; French Institute of Petroleum, 1994.
•    Master in Fluids Mechanics and Thermal Transfers; Department of Sciences University of Tunis, 1993 (Thesis  on water desalination by combined process of convection and solar energy.).
•    Engineer in Civil and hydraulic Engineering (Summa Cum Laude); National School of Engineering of Tunis, 1992. (Thesis on river and dam’s sedimentation assessment).


External recognitions

2018-present Member of the GEWEX Global Land/Atmosphere System Study (GLASS) Panel.

2008-2009 Member of the AFWCCI (African Water Cycle Coordination Initiative) and the AWCI (Asian Water cycle Initiative) under the GEOSS framework.

2006-2009 Adviser to the (IHCSA-IFIC) JICA: Japanese International Cooperation Agency.