Sebastien Villaume

Senior Analyst
Forecast Department, Production Section, Data Archives and Dissemination Services


Sébastien joined ECMWF in October 2015 to work in the Products Team within the Forecast Department.

Main duties:

  • maintenance/administration/data design for the meteorological archive MARS
  • member of the ECMWF Data Governance Board
  • ECMWF representative at WMO Inter-Programme Expert Team on Codes Maintenance (IPET-CM)
  • ECMWF representative at WMO Task Team GRIB (TT-GRIB)


Professional interests:
  • Archive and storage management and administration
  • Data design and curation
  • Meteorological format (GRIB, netCDF, etc.)
  • Dataset consolidation
Career background:

Sébastien Villaume completed his PhD in October 2005 on “Electronic Spectroscopy and
Photochemistry of Small Transition Metal Complexes Studied via Coupled Cluster
calculations and Wave packet Propagation” at the University Of Strasbourg, France. He then became a Lecturer at the University of Strasbourg teaching Quantum Chemistry, Spectroscopies and programming. In 2006, he moved to Sweden to complete two postdoctoral research projects focusing on excited state aromaticity, molecular electronics and Theoretical spectroscopy. In 2011, he joined the Swedish Met service (SMHI) to work as a scientific programmer and administrator of the local MARS archive. Since October 2015, Sebastien is working at ECMWF.

Sébastien Villaume is  the author of 18 articles in international peer-reviewed journals. His main contributions are concerned with spectroscopies and photo-induced processes in transition metal complexes, assessment of a new index to measure aromaticity, notably used for excited state aromaticity, and the development of a novel formulation of molecular response theory with applications in molecular electronics.