Samuel Hatfield

Computational Scientist
Computing Department, HPC Section, HPC Applications Group


Sam joined ECMWF in October 2019 shortly after completing his PhD with Tim Palmer and Peter Dueben at the University of Oxford. Sam's work spans numerical methods and high-performance computing within numerical weather prediction. He is principally responsible for the implementation of single-precision arithmetic in the ocean model NEMO at ECMWF. He has also been closely involved with the efforts to port the ECMWF model, the IFS, to novel high-performance computing architectures, including Fugaku and Summit.

Professional interests:
  • Floating-point arithmetic in high-performance numerical weather prediction
  • Algorithmic design and efficient execution of spectral transforms
  • Portability of large Fortran codebases across a variety of heterogeneous supercomputing architectures
  • Open-source software in the geosciences
Career background:

DPhil in Environmental Research, University of Oxford (NERC Environmental Research Doctoral Training Partnership), 2015-2019

  • Thesis title: Reduced-precision arithmetic in numerical weather prediction with an emphasis on data assimilation
  • Supervisors: Prof. Tim Palmer, Dr. Peter Dueben

MSci in Physics, University of Bristol, 2010-2014

  • First-class honours
  • Final year project title: Knots in geometrically-confined polymers: nanochannels and other geometries
  • Final year project advisor: Dr. Simon Hanna