Richard Engelen

Deputy Director of CAMS/Head of Atmospheric Composition Section
Research, CAMS Services, Greenhouse gas aspects


Richard Engelen is Deputy Head of the Copernicus Atmosphere Monitoring Service (CAMS) at ECMWF. He also leads the CAMS Development section in the Copernicus Department. Richard has a scientific background in satellite remote sensing and data assimilation of atmospheric composition. He has more than 15 years of experience in developing and operating operational forecast services for atmospheric composition and air quality. Richard is or has been member of various satellite Mission Advisory Groups, national and international review panels, and expert panels advising the European Commission.

Professional interests:
  • Operational services for atmospheric composition
  • Air quality forecasting
  • Data assimilation of atmospheric composition
  • Global carbon cycle
Career background:


Ph.D., Utrecht University. Utrecht, the Netherlands (1996). Thesis on "Satellite Measurements of Ozone: Infrared Retrieval and Interpretation". PhD advisers: Prof. Dr. Peter Builtjes and Prof. Dr. Graeme Stephens.

Doctoral (M.Sc. equivalent), Utrecht University. Utrecht, the Netherlands (1991). Meteorology and Physical Oceanography.

Professional experience

  • Since 01/2015: Deputy Head of Copernicus Atmosphere Monitoring Service, ECMWF, Copernicus Department
  • 03/2012 - 12/2014: Head of Chemical Aspects section, ECMWF, Research Department
  • 08/2009 - 02/2012: Research Consultant - Senior Scientist, ECMWF, Research Department
  • 05/2002 - 07/2009: Research Consultant - Scientist, ECMWF, Research Department
  • 07/1998 - 04/2002: Research Associate, Colorado State University, Atmospheric Science Department
  • 06/1996 - 06/1998: PostDoc, Colorado State University, Atmospheric Science Department
External recognitions

Current memberships:

  • ESA Sentinel-5p Mission Advisory Group
  • European Commission CO2 Monitoring Task Force A and B
  • Various national and international review panels