Reima Eresmaa

Research Department, Earth System Assimilation Section, Infrared Radiance Observations Group


Reima Eresmaa has professional interest towards infrared radiance assimilation, observation quality control, observation error modelling, and information content studies. His work experience includes eight years spent developing the use of ground-based GNSS receiver data in a limited area system. He joined ECMWF in 2009 and has worked on improving the use of infrared radiance observations ever since.

Professional interests:
  • Infrared radiance assimilation
  • Observation quality control
  • Statistical and physical observation error modelling
  • Information content studies
Career background:
  • 2001 - 2009 : scientist at the Finnish Meteorological Institute, focussing on the assimilation of ground-based GNSS receiver data into a limited area NWP system
  • 2009 - present: scientist at ECMWF, focussing on the assimilation of advanced infrared sounder radiances into the ECMWF NWP system


External recognitions

IASI and IASI-NG Sounder Science Working Group (ISSWG)