Metin Cakircali

Research Software Engineer for Post-Processing


Metin joined ECMWF in 2023 as a Software Engineer at the Development Section. He has 13+ years of professional experience developing software in the research, academia, and industry. His work at the ECMWF focusses on the development and integration of innovative backend technologies for the data management at the ECMWF HPC systems.

Professional interests:
  • Software development in Python, Java, Kotlin, C/C++
  • Containerization and Cloud Computing
  • Artificial Intelligence and Big Data
  • Data Storage Technologies
Career background:


  • 2010, M.Sc., Izmir Institute of Technology, Turkiye
  • 2008, B.Sc., Izmir Institute of Technology, Turkiye

Professional Experience:

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External recognitions

Honours & Awards:

  • Poster Award: GACM Colloquium on Computational Mechanics

  • Service Award: Turkish Military Academy

  • Research Scholarship: Scientific and Technological Research Council of Turkey

  • Graduation Honour: Izmir Institute of Technology