Martin Suttie

Head of Production Section
Copernicus, Production, Observations


Martin heads the Copernicus Production Section at ECMWF. The section is responsible for the operational production of data and products for the Copernicus Atmosphere Monitoring Service (CAMS) and the Copernicus Climate Change Service (C3S)  at ECMWF.

Martin has over 20 years experience of designing, developing and operating data processing systems with a focus on meteorological applications.

Professional interests:
  • Remote sensing of the atmosphere from satellite-borne instruments
  • Design, development and operation of data processing systems for meteorological applications
Career background:
  • 2016 - present: Head of Copernicus Production Section, ECMWF
  • 2013 - 2016: CAMS (previously MACC) Production Team Leader, ECMWF
  • 2005 - 2013: Analyst, data acquisition and pre-processing , ECMWF
  • 2004 - 2005: Software engineer, Space & Defence, Logica CMG
  • 2002 - 2004: Analyst, operational suite management, ECMWF
  • 1997 - 2002: Software engineer, Space & Defence, Logica UK Ltd
  • 1995 - 1997: Remote sensing systems analyst at ESA/ESRIN, Serco Europe