Marcin Chrust

Senior Scientist
Research Department, Earth System Assimilation Section, Data Assimilation Methodology Group


Marcin works on algorithmic aspects of the ocean ensemble variational data assimilation system NEMOVAR. He set up and hosts a collaboration platform allowing for maintaining collaborations with other key NEMOVAR developers at Cerfacs (France), INRIA (France) and at the UK MetOffice. Marcin also contributes to the development and maintenance of the Object Oriented Prediction System, which shall become ECMWF operational data assimilation system in the near future.

Professional interests:
  • Data assimilation methodology
  • Numerical methods
  • High performance computing
Career background:

Marcin obtained his PhD in computational fluid mechanics from the University of Strasbourg in 2012. After defending his dissertation he took a post-doctoral position at the University of Ottawa and subsequently at the Ecole Polytechnique de Montreal. Before joining ECMWF in 2015 he worked as a research associate at Bombardier Aerospace in the Advanced Aerodynamics department in Montreal. Marcin's background is in numerical methods, applied mathematics and high performance computing.

External recognitions
  • Member of GOV DA-TT (2017 - )

Co-authored ECMWF Technical Memoranda:


  • M. Bonavita; Y. Trémolet; E. Holm; S.T.K. Lang; M. Chrust; M. Janiskova; P. Lopez; P. Laloyaux; P. De Rosnay; M. Fisher; M. Hamrud; S. English; A Strategy for Data Assimilation;
  • A.T. Weaver; S. Gurol; J. Tshimanga; M. Chrust; A. Piacentini ; "Time" -parallel diffusion-based correlation operators;
  • H. Zuo, M. A. Balmaseda, E. de Boisseson, S. Hirahara, M. Chrust, P. de Rosnay; A generic ensemble generation scheme for data assimilation and ocean analysis (to be released);