Inna Polichtchouk

Senior Scientist Numerical Methods
Research Department, Earth System Modelling Section, Numerical Methods Group


Inna joined numerical methods group at ECMWF in September 2018. Her research focuses on improving the representation of resolved dynamical processes in the IFS dynamical core.

Professional interests:
  • Dynamical core development: improving the representation of resolved dynamical processes in high resolution models
  • Large-scale dynamics
  • Gravity wave dynamics: resolved and parametrized
  • Stratospheric  modelling, and, stratosphere-troposphere interactions
  • Planetary atmospheres
Career background:


  • Nov 2016 - Sep 2018: ECMWF
    Visiting Scientist, Earth System Modelling Section
  • Aug 2014-Sep 2018: Department of Meteorology, University of Reading
    Post Doctoral Research Associate
    Principal Investigator: Ted Shepherd


  • Oct 2010 - Dec 2014: PhD at Queen Mary, University of London, UK
    Department: School of Physics and Astronomy.
    Thesis: Baroclinic Jets on “Other” Jupiters and Earths
    Advisor: James Y-K Cho
  • Sep 2006 - Jun 2010: MSci at Queen Mary, University of London, UK
    Department: Mathematics with Statistics
    Thesis: Baroclinic Instability on Hot Extrasolar Giant Planets
    Advisor: James Y-K Cho
  • Jun 2009 - Aug 2009:  Internship in Data Assimilation at the Met Office, UK
    Role: Investigated generation of global background error covariance matrices via ensemble-driven methods for implementation in four dimensional variational data assimilation.
  • Jun 2008 - Aug 2008: Internship in the Health Team at the Met Office, UK
    Role: Analysed the impact of Finnish weather on chronic obstructive pulmonary disease patients using statistical methods.


  • Apr 2018 - July 2018: Supervisor of MSc project at the University of Reading.
  • Oct 2017 - Jan 2018: Principal investigator (together with Ted Shepherd) of Nick Byrne at the University of Reading.
  • Jan 2013: Guest lecturer for the Extrasolar Planets and Astrophysical Disks module, Queen Mary University of London.
  • Oct 2010-Jun 2014: Teaching assistant for the following modules: Complex Variables, Calculus I & II,
    Introduction to Mathematical Computing, Differential Equations, Our Universe and Mathematical Techniques III. Queen Mary, University of London
External recognitions
  • Associate editor for MWR
  • Award for Excellence from the Department of Meteorology at the University of Reading. 1000 GBP.
  • Reviewer for Quarterly Journal of the Royal Meteorological Society, Climate Dynamics, Journal of Atmospheric Sciences, Atmospheric Chemistry and Physics, JAMES, MWR, Astrophysical Journal, and Planetary and Space Science
  • Organizer of the Momentum Budget and its Role in Weather and Climate Workshop, Apr 2015.
  • Affiliate member at the Kavli Institute for Theoretical Physics programme in Wave-Flow Interaction in Geophysics, Climate, Astrophysics, and Plasmas, Santa Barbara, USA
  • Travel grants from: Royal Astronomical Society, UK Space Agency/STFC , CR Barber Trust Fund, Royal Meteorological Society Legacies Fun, Queen Mary, University of London Postgraduate Research Fun, Institute of Physics
  • The Emil Aaltonen Foundation Young Researcher Grant to fund PhD, awarded for 2010-2013 but declined to take up STFC funded PhD studentship.
  • Westfield Trust Prize for Outstanding Academic Achievement in Mathematics – awarded for three consecutive years, 2008, 2009 & 2010.


  • Ludwig Maximilian University, Munich, Germany
  • DLR, Oberpfaffenhofen, Germany
  • Finnish Meteorological Institute, Helsinki, Finland
  • University of Reading, Reading, UK
  • ECMWF, Reading, UK
  • MPI for Physics and Complex Systems, Dresden, Germany
  • University of Oxford, AOPP, UK
  • City University, London, UK
  • University of Exeter, UK