Hao Zuo

Visiting Scientist
Research Department, Earth System Assimilation Section, Coupled Assimilation Group

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Hao Zuo is responsible for Ocean (Re)Analysis System at ECMWF. He implements and maintains the operational Ocean (Re)Analysis System-OCEAN5 and  is one of the main developer for NEMOVAR Ocean Data Assimilation System at ECMWF. Ocean analysis is used to initialize the ocean and sea-ice components of all ECMWF coupled forecasting systems, as well as the new seasonal forecasting system (S5). Hao is also in charge of integrating ocean observations (in-situ, SST, sea ice, SSH) into the ECMWF System for Earth System assimilation and carrying out Observing System Experiments for impact studies. This work is part of the AtlantOS project funded by EU Horizon 2020 and CCI Sea Level project funded by European Space Agency (ESA). He focuses on research topics like study of climate signals  using Ocean Reanalysis products and observations, including changes/trends in sea-level, sea ice cover and  ocean overturning circulations.

Professional interests: 

My research interests include

  • Ocean reanalysis for climate applications and for initialization of seasonal forecasting system
  • Observations and ensemble data assimilation
  • Climate change and signals derived from reanalysis and observations
  • Ocean overturning circulation and mixing process.
  • Heat content and freshwater budget in the ocean
Career background: 


  • Ph.D., 2005-2009, Physical Oceanography, National Oceanography Centre,  University of Southampton, U.K.
  • Visiting student, 2007, Woods Hole Oceanography Institution, U.S.
  • M.Sc., 2003-2005, Physical Oceanography, Nanjing University, China
  • Linnaeus-Palme visiting student, 2004, Department of Hydrography, Uppsala University, Sweden
  • Bachelor degree, 1999-2003, Physical Geography, Nanjing University, China

Professional Experience

  • Since 07/2012: Scientist, ECMWF Research Department, Marine Prediction Section and Earth System Assimilation Section
  • 11/2009-07/2012: IPY Arctic research Fellow, University of Reading,  Environmental Systems Science Centre.
External recognitions: 
  • 2008: Young Scientist Outstanding Poster Award in EGU General Assembling in Vienna.
  • 2016: GODAE OceanView Observing System Evaluation Task Team (OSEval_TT)

Peer-reviewed publications

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Other publications

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