Gabriele Arduini

Scientist (Modelling Cryosphere Processes)
Research Department, Earth System Modelling Section, Coupled Processes Group


Gabriele Arduini is a Scientist in the Coupled Processes team in the Earth System Modelling Section, with a focus on cryosphere processes. His main scientific interests are the representation of snow processes in NWP models and the interactions of snow and ice surfaces with the atmospheric boundary layer. His main tasks at ECMWF include the development of new parametrizations, or improvement of existing ones, of the land-surface model to provide better forecasts of the snowpack evolution (e.g. accumulation and melting) and of near-surface weather parameters in cold regions. 

Over snow-covered regions, snow is one of the key drivers of near-surface weather parameters like 2-metre temperature. Therefore, a correct representation of this variable is crucial for all forecast time-scales, from days to seasonal. 


Professional interests:
  • Development of parametrization of snow processes for NWP applications at time-scales from daily to seasonal.
  • Improvement of the snow-atmosphere coupling and interactions over land and ice surfaces.
  • Interactions between land-surface processes (e.g. snow-melt, permafrost thawing etc.) and hydrology in cold regions.
  • Improvements of forecasting of near-surface weather parameters 
Career background:
  • Research Scientist at ECMWF, Research Department, Earth System Modelling Section, since 2017
  • Joint PhD in Atmospheric Physics from Université Grenoble Alpes (France) and University of Hertfordshire (UK), 2017
  • M.Sc. in Atmospheric Physics, Università di Bologna (Italy), 2013
  • B. Sc. in Physics, Università di Pisa (Italy), 2010