Estibaliz Gascon

Forecast Department, Evaluation Section, Forecast Performance and Products

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Estibaliz has been working as a scientist in ECMWF since 2016.

She has participated in different European projects including ANYWHERE, IMPREX and MISTRAL, mainly producing new products for high-impact weather and investigating ECMWF IFS post-processing and statistical downscaling methods of ensemble forecast (specially precipitation).

She also works as an analyst in the 'Forecast Daily Report' group whose main task is the analysis and diagnostic of model performance issues in ECMWF forecast and in the ARISTOTLE 2 project team, in which guidance is provided in Global and European hydrological forecast for floods to the Emergency Response Coordination Centre (ERCC).

Professional interests: 
  • Post-processing and statistical downscaling of forecast outputs.
  • New products for high-impact weather forecast.
  • Real-time assessment of forecast model performance.
  • Predictability at all lead times
  • Training forecast users via webinars or training courses.
Career background: 

2016-present: Scientist in Forecast Department, ECMWF.

2015-2016: Postdoctoral Research. University of Leon (Spain).

2016: Visiting Scientist, ISAC (CNR) in Lecce (Italy).

2014: Visiting Scientist, Academia Sinica, Taipei (Taiwan).

2013: Visiting Scientist, Cyprus Meteorological Service.

2010-2015: Scientist and PhD in University of Leon (Spain).

2009-2019: MSc in Meterology. Universitat de Barcelona (Spain).

2005-2009: BSc in Environmental Sciences. University of Leon (Spain).

External recognitions: 
  • Summa Cum Laude + Best PhD Universidad de León (Spain) 2010-2015 thesis in Sciences 2016-2017


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