Erik Andersson

Deputy Director of Forecasts
Forecast Department

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Erik Andersson is the Deputy Director of Forecasts at ECMWF. Erik has a scientific background in data assimilation, the global observing systems, the impact of observations on the quality of forecasts and the use of observations in NWP.

Collaborating closely with the Department Director, he contributes to the management of the Forecast Department (85 staff). The department is responsible for the 24/7 timely production of ECMWF's computer-based forecasts, forecast quality, software development, liaison with forecast users, user support, data sales and software licensing. The department also manages the acquisition, processing and quality control of observations, globally, of the atmosphere and oceans. The job includes many international engagements. Erik is often involved in internal project boards. His work also includes comprehensive reporting on plans and progress to the formal committees and Council which constitute the ECMWF governance.

Professional interests: 
  • The evolution of the global observing systems
  • The evolution of forecasting systems to ensure continued progress and improved forecast skill
  • The utilisation of ECMWF forecasts by weather services, international organisations and the private sectors
  • The socio-economic impact of weather forecasts
Career background: 


  • PhD, Atmospheric Science, Dynamic Meteorology, University of Stockholm, Oct 1999. Prof. E. Källén supervisor.
  • BSc in Physics (Mathematics, Physics and Meteorology), University of Stockholm, Jan 1984.
  • Baccalaureate, Gymnasium, Lidköping Sweden, June 1980.

Professional Experience

  • Deputy Director of Forecasts, ECMWF, July 2013 to date
  • Head of Meteorological Division, Operations Department, ECMWF. July 2008-June 2013.
  • Head of Data Assimilation Section, ECMWF. Oct 2000 - June 2008
  • Principal/Senior Scientist, ECMWF, from Oct 1987
  • Research Meteorologist, HIRLAM, Copenhagen, June-Aug 1987
  • Meteorologist, SMHI, Norrköping, Sweden, Aug 1984 to Oct 1987.
External recognitions: 
  • WMO (the World Meteorological Organisation): For Service to the WMO-CBS, in recognition of outstanding work in coordinating the global NWP requirements on observing systems
  • AMS (the American Meteorological Society): For outstanding services as Member of the the Board on Environmental Information Processing Technologies.