Adam Warde

Research Software Engineer


Adam Warde is a research software engineer in the data infrastructure services team. Adam works mainly on interfaces and output types of various ECMWF software services such as polytope. His main work focuses on interoperability by using community standards such as the OGC EDR interface and coverageJSON as an output format.

Professional interests:
  • Software Interfaces
  • Software Deployment
  • Data handling
  • Standardisation of Data Formats
Career background:


MSc, University of Edinburgh UK (awarded 2022 with distinction). Dissertation: “A Deep-Learning Approach to Landcover Classification from Earth-observation Data”. Supervisor: Prof David McKay

BA (Mod), Trinity College Dublin, Ireland (awarded 2019 First Class Honours)

Professional Experience

  • Machine Learning Software Intern at Intel Ireland
  • Data Scientist at ICHEC (Irish Center for High End Computing)