DestinE procurement

This page provides links to further information on Destination Earth procurements.


For information on publication of the Destination Earth Invitations to Tender go to our page Update on ITTs.


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According to the Contribution Agreement between the European Union and ECMWF, generally, entities, including contractors, mentioned in Article 18 of the EU’s Regulation 2021/694 establishing the Digital Europe Programme shall be eligible for participation in procurement activities, including calls for tenders and contracts. In addition, if Article 18.4 of the said Regulation is applicable accordingly as per the Digital Europe work programme of a given Phase, only entities, including contractors, established in Member States of the European Union and in Associated Countries (see link here) shall be eligible for participation in procurement activities.

Note that these eligibility conditions are applicable to all entities involved in a tender or contract (i.e. both the lead contractor and subcontractors), regardless of whether they are allocated any share of total contract value or not.

Information Day

On 28 February 2022 at 14:00 (CET) ECMWF conducted an Information Day for Destination Earth. Presentations are available on the event webpage.