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  1. Wouter Peters

    2014, Workshop on parameter estimation and inverse modelling for atmospheric composition, 22-24 October 2013, Conference Paper, ECMWF.

  2. Zängl G.

    2014, Seminar on Recent Developments in Numerical Methods for Atmosphere and Ocean Modelling, 2-5 September 2013, Conference Paper, ECMWF.

  3. L. Haimberger

    2014, Report.

  4. ECMWF

    2014, ECMWF/H-SAF and HEPEX Workshop on coupled hydrology, Poster.

  5. ECMWF

    2014, Poster.

  6. ECMWF

    2014, Poster.

  7. Laura Ferranti, Frédéric Vitart

    2014, Poster.

  8. B. Ingleby, Enrico Fucile, Drasko Vasiljevic, Tomas Kral, L. Isaksen

    2014, Using ECMWF Forecasts 2014, Poster.

  9. Scaife A. A., A. Arribas, E.W. Blockley, A. Brookshaw, R. Clark, N. Dunstone, Eade R., David Fereday, C.K. Folland, M. Gordon, Hermanson L., J. Knight, D.J. Lea, C. MacLachlan, Anna Maidens, M.J. Martin, Peterson A. K., D.M. Smith, M. Vellinga, E. Wallace, J. Waters, A. Williams

    2014, Using ECMWF Forecasts 2014, Poster.

  10. D. Cattani, P. Eckert, Michel Matter

    2014, Using ECMWF Forecasts 2014, Poster.