New observations since January 2018

The following new observations have been activated in the high-resolution ECMWF assimilation system since the beginning of 2018:


Main impact

Activation date

Atmospheric Motion Vectors and All-Sky Radiances from Meteosat-11 (replacing Meteosat-10, which has been excluded since 7 February 2018)

Tropospheric wind and humidity

20 February 2018

Radio occultation bending angles from GNOS on FY-3C

Temperature in upper troposphere/lower stratosphere

6 March 2018

Radiances from ATMS on NOAA-20

Temperature, humidity, dynamics

22 May 2018

Atmospheric Motion Vectors from GOES-16 (replacing GOES-13, which has been excluded since 2 January 2018)    

Tropospheric wind

22 May 2018    

Significant wave height from JASON-3 and Sentinel-3A altimeters

Ocean waves

5 June 2018