Data protection and privacy statement for ESoWC 2019

By registering for the ECMWF Summer of Weather Code Programme (ESoWC) and agreeing to its terms of use, you are entering into a contract with ECMWF. Your personal data will be collected and processed based upon the

following rules:

1. Purpose(s) of the Processing

Your personal data is collected by ECMWF. ECMWF’s headquarter is located at Shinfield Park, Reading, RG2 9AX, UK. The personal data you provide in the registration form will in case of an unsuccessful proposal not be redistributed by any means, nor be used for any other purpose. In case your proposal is selected to participate to ESOWC, your personal data you provide in the registration form will be shared with CommPla s.r.l (Silvana Muscella), Via Nino Bixio 25, 56125 Pisa, Italy. CommPla s.r.l executes the grant payment. All the data will be processed in accordance with the ECMWF Charter of Ethics and/or the ECMWF Personally Identifiable Information (PII) Protection Policy.

2. Recipients of the Data Processed

For the purpose detailed above, access to your personal data is exclusively given to ECMWF. No personal data is shared with other third parties.

3. Categories of Data Processed

The only personal data collected and further processed is the information you enter yourself in the registration/application form(s). The compulsory fields concern your name and surname, a valid email account and your country of residence.

4. Modalities of the Processing Operation

You will be asked to enter your personal data to an online registration form. The contents of the registration form will be automatically stored in a database.

5. Right of Access, Rectification, Erasure and Portability

You may access a copy of your personal data, as well as rectify and erase any of your data. Deletion of the account will terminate your contract with ECMWF. You also have the right to request to export your personal data to a third party.

Any such request, as well as all further personal data related requests should be sent to ECMWF PII Protection Officer (Legal Section), Shinfield Park, Reading, RG2 9AX, United Kingdom (

6. Data Retention

The information you provide in order to enter into the contract will be retained for the duration of this contract. Please note that ECMWF will not be in control of personal data which it legally passed on to data controllers.

7. Concerns and Complaints

ECMWF does not accept any liability with a view to obligations under applicable personally identifiable information legislation for any third party website which are linked to the ESoWC websites. Please refer to the privacy policy governing each of these websites. If you have a concern or complaint about the way that your personal data has been or is being processed, please direct it to the ECMWF PII Protection Officer (Legal Section), Shinfield Park, Reading, RG2 9AX, United Kingdom (