Eight high standard proposals reach the coding phase

Summer of Weather Code banner with Copernicus service logos

ESoWC 2019 is very pleased to announce the winner projects of its II Edition which will win £5000 each and get the exciting opportunity to be developed under the umbrella of ECMWF expertise. Out of 23 submissions, the selected ones are:

  • Python-based interface to ECMWF’s Integrated Forecasting System single model column

        (available soon)

  • GIS-based dissolve functionalities using GRASS GIS


  • BVtk: scientific visualization inside Blender


  • Obtaining online aircraft metadata


  • Extend ecPoint-PyCal for conditional verification applications

         (available soon)

With the support of Copernicus ECMWF three additional proposals have been shortlisted:

  • Machine learning to better predict and understand drought


  • MATEHIW -Machine learning Techniques for High-Impact Weather


The announcement of the selected ESoWC 2019 projects and the partnership between ECMWF's Summer of Weather Code and Copernicus ECMWF open officially the coding period. It encompasses four months of intense teamwork, from 1 May to 31 August, when developers and ECMWF mentors will collaborate closely on the proposed solutions.

A showcase day on the 20th September, taking place at ECMWF headquarter in Reading, UK, will put the results of the eight open-source projects into the spotlight and will conclude the ESoWC 2019.

Along the coding phase the open-source projects in progress can be followed on Github: https://github.com/esowc/

All updates follow on Twitter:  @esowc_ecmwf and #ESoWC2019