Second Workshop on Meteorological Operational Systems

The Second Workshop on Meteorological Operational Systems was held from 4 to 8 December 1989.


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Monitoring the quality of marine surface observations at Bracknell

J Ashcroft

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The application of binary data representation in meteorological systems

J Bottcher

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Use of PC graphics in NOAA/NESDIS operational sounding generation systems

E L Burdsall

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Meteorological data analysis and evaluation of a visualization system

P C Chen

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Visualization of meteorological data

J Daabeck

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The AFOSS interactive data display system for operational and experimental use

A Foss

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Provision of graphics and imagery to forecasters within central forecasting office Met. Office

C Heasman

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The interactive 4-D McIdas Workstation

W Hibbard

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The meteorological workstation at FMI

V Karhila

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PROSAT - A system for meteorological satellite data processing at the Swedish Meteorological and Hydrological Institute

K-G Karlsson

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Databases at the UK Met. Office

C T Little

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Application of GRIB code in the Yugoslav Meteorological Operational System (YUMOS)

S Nickovic

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Meteorological Applications Graphics, Interactive Colour System (MAGICS/GKS)

P O'Sullivan

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Aspects of AMIGAS II design and implementation

C S Seum

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Tropospheric structure in the Amazon basin with an enhanced radiosonde network

P L Silva Dias

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Binary representation of data in the UK Met. Office

P J Smith

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PROMIS 600; an operational system for very short range weather forecasting in Sweden

B Strandberg

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Use of binary data representations at Fleet Numerical Oceanography Centre

W Thorpe

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Present day status and ongoing developments of two meteorological products at ESOC

L van den Berg

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