Workshop on Diabatic Forcing

The Workshop on Diabatic Forcing was held from 30 November to 2 December 1987.


PDF iconWorkshop report


Planetary-scale diabatic forcing errors in the ECMWF model

K Arpe

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Large-scale and mesoscale circulations in convectively adjusted atmospheres

K A Emanuel

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A study of the 'feed-back' aspects of diabatic forcing in the French large scale hemispheric model 'Emeraude'

J F Geleyn

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Diabatic forcing of the tropical atmosphere in a general circulation model

D Gregory

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Recent estimates of diabatic forcing on the planetary scale: a review

E Holopainen

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Observed structure of mesoscale convective systems and implications for large-scale heating

R A Houze Jr

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Surface drag and the circulation of a baroclinically unstable atmosphere

I N James

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The diagnosis of systematic errors in numerical weather prediction models

E Klinker

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On the thermal forcing of extra-tropical planetary waves

J Marshall

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Specification of diabatic heating in the initialization of numerical weather prediction models

K Puri

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Role of latent heat release in extratropical cyclone development

P J Smith

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Diabatic forcing and cyclone developments in a limited area model

C A Wilson

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