Symposium: Dynamical meteorology and numerical weather prediction

ECMWF | Reading | 8 June 2017


This symposium was organised to mark the departure of ECMWF’s Director of Research of eight years, Erland Källén. Professor Källén will resume his position at Stockholm University when he leaves the Centre in July.

Dynamical meteorology is the study of the physics of atmospheric circulation. It aims to advance our ability to understand and predict the atmosphere based on the laws of physics and numerical methods.


Planetary wave resonance and multiple equilibria
Ray Pierrehumbert (University of Oxford)

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Tropical dynamics:

The role of tropical analysis uncertainties in global predictability
Nedjeljka Zagar (University of Ljubljana)

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Convective-scale NWP for Singapore
Hans Huang (CCRS)
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Climate science post CoP21
Stephen Belcher (Met Office)

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ECMWF evolution:

David Burridge (Former Director of ECMWF)

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Erland Källén (Director of Research, ECMWF)
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Florence Rabier (Director-General, ECMWF)
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