Application procedure

Application to any ECMWF training course is subject to the completion of the relevant online registration form. Registration will be acknowledged by e-mail once it has been verified by someone. If you have not heard from us within 72 hours of application, please contact

General guidance

Participants from Member and Co-operating States

Applications to attend any course must be supported by the relevant National Meteorological Service.

To ensure consistency, all interested applicants are required to apply via ECMWF, and we will in turn, forward your application to the training contact points in our Member and Co-operating States for endorsement.

All other participants (representing other countries or international organisations)

We welcome applications from participants representing countries other than our Member and Co-operating States as well as colleagues from international organisations. However, in those instances a fee is generally applicable and the limited capacity of our classrooms means that not all applications can be accepted. Where a fee is payable, confirmation of financial responsibility will be expected from the paying body.

Selection process

The National Meteorological Services of our Member and Co-operating States have priority, (except for the EUMETSAT/NWP SAF satellite assimilation course – see below), but we endeavour –within the tight limits of our capacity, to reflect the diversity of our community.

In cases when the number of applications exceeds the number of places available on these courses:

  • ECMWF will in the first instance allocate one place to each Member and Co-operating States. The selection will be based on the nominations by the National Meteorological Services.
  • Potential remaining places will be allocated in a manner that ensures the right balance between Member and Co-operating States, with a maximum of two participants per country.
  • When relevant, we will operate a waiting list system.

Special cases

EUMETSAT/ECMWF NWP SAF Satellite Assimilation

  • You do not need approval from ECMWF’s Member and Co-operating States to register for this course. We will contact you after the registration deadline to let you know whether we can offer you a place on the course.
  • There are no fees for this training course.
  • Applications are accepted on a first come first served basis

Training courses on High-Performance Computing Facility: Cray XC40

  • Applications for this course from non-Member and Co-operating States must be endorsed by the National Meteorological Service of one of our Member States