Error diagnostics for PC scores assimilation

TitleError diagnostics for PC scores assimilation
Publication TypePresentation
Date Published2013
AuthorsBormann, N, Matricardi, M, McNally, A
Event Series/CollectionECMWF/EUMETSAT NWP-SAF
KeywordsEUMETSAT, hyperspectral infrared satellite observations, NWP-SAF, workshop

The presentation takes a closer look at diagnostics from and specification of observation errors for PC-scores assimilation. We will use results from the recently developed framework for the direct assimilation of PC-scores for IASI in the ECMWF system. The results are compared to characteristics of raw radiance assimilation, highlighting commonalities and differences in both systems. In particular, we will discuss the practical aspects of specifying observation errors in either system, and some of the implications of common simplifications made for assumed observation errors.

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