ECMWF Data Handling log traces

At the Usenix Fast'15 conference in February 2015, the PhD student Matthias Grawinkel presented a paper named "Analysis of the ECMWF Storage Landscape" describing the user access to our then 100 PB archive. The presentation can be seen on the Usenix website:

In order for other people to pick up where he left, the obfuscated logfiles are available for download here on this site.

Terms and conditions

  1. ECMWF own all intellectual property rights in the storage access traces. You will keep the traces confidential at all times;
  2. You will not publish the traces, any part of the traces or any information relating to ECMWF's data storage system except with ECMWF's express written agreement;
  3. For the purpose of obtaining ECMWF's agreement to publication, you will send a copy of your intended publication to ECMWF, at least [30] days before the intended publication date;
  4. ECMWF will deal with your draft publication in good faith and will only withhold its agreement to publication with written reasons. Where practicable, ECMWF will suggest an alternative form of publication or conditions for publication to which it could agree;
  5. These terms are not intended to form or be part of a legally binding relationship between you and ECMWF. Instead, you and ECMWF will deal with one another in good faith.