ECMWF Bologna

ECMWF, Tecnopolo di Bologna, Via Stalingrado 84/3, 40128 Bologna

The ECMWF data centre is in the Tecnopolo di Bologna, the area formerly known as Manifattura Tabacchi. The main entrance at 84/3 is opposite the McDonalds and the Macron store on Via Stalingrado.

For information (in several languages) about travelling to Bologna by train, car, coach and plane, as well as about travelling within Bologna by public transport, rental car or taxi, see the Bologna Welcome website Travel section.

Getting to ECMWF in Bologna

By bicycle

Via Stalingrado is served by a cycle lane (Cycle route 7).

By public transport

From Bologna city centre and/or Bologna Fast trains’ station:

  • Bus line 25 to the stop ‘Casoni’ on via Ferrarese.
    At the traffic light crossing, turn right into via Giovanni Casoni to reach Via Stalingrado. Turn left into Via Stalingrado and walk about 20 metres to the data centre entrance.
    See: Line 25 route and timetable
  • Bus line 68 to via Stalingrado. Note that this route has fewer stops at key points in the city centre.
    See: Line 68 route and timetable

Vending machines are available on all buses to purchase tickets (‘biglietto ordinario’). You can also buy tickets via the Roger and Muver apps.

By car/taxi

From Bologna city centre: approx. 10–15 minutes; taxi fare approximately EUR 15–20

From Bologna airport: approx. 20 minutes; taxi fare approximately EUR 15–20

When giving the address to the taxi driver, it may also help to mention ‘ex Manifattura Tabacchi/Tecnopolo’. Credit card payment is usually accepted.

Parking is available on site.

Where to stay in Bologna

For information about hotels and other accommodation in Bologna, see the Bologna Welcome website Where to stay section.

We recommend booking accommodation in advance as Bologna is a busy city with many events and commercial fairs taking place.

There are hotel options around the area of the data centre (northern area of Bologna), but usually colleagues and guests opt to stay in the city centre. Please note the university area (Via Zamboni, Piazza Verdi) and train station/Montagnola areas can sometimes prove not the safest or quietest areas.