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Radio Occultation Meteorology Satellite Application Facilities (ROM-SAF)

DMI (Danish Meteorological Institute) is leading entity for the ROM SAF project (former name GRAS SAF), which processes data from GRAS (Global Navigation Satellite System Receiver for Atmospheric Sounding) and other radio occultation instruments. The ROM SAF is part of EUMETSAT and has four participating institutes. Apart from DMI these are ECMWF, IEEC (Institut D'Estudis Espacials de Catalunya) in Barcelona, Spain, and UK Met Office in Exeter, United Kingdom.

ECMWF statistics for RO data

The GPS radio occultation (GPSRO) is a limb measurement that is based on Snell's law of refraction. The path of a radio signal propagating between a GPS satellite and a receiver on a low earth orbiting (LEO) satellite is bent as a result of refractive index gradients in the atmosphere. The bending angle contains useful information on the atmospheric temperature and humidity. The technique has good vertical resolution and an all-weather capability. GPSRO provides particularly accurate, sub-Kelvin temperature information in the upper-troposphere and lower-stratosphere.

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