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EIFFEL (Revealing the Role of GEOSS as the Default Digital Portal for Building Climate Change Adaptation & Mitigation Applications) will make it easier for the scientific community to explore and use GEOSS datasets .Added-value services interoperable with GEOSS will be designed, using cognitive search and metadata augmentation tools based on AI.

Project objectives

  • Creating AI-based cognitive search tools to exploit the untapped potential of available GEOSS datasets

  • Leverage techniques of explainable AI to develop tangible indicators for CC impacts

  • Use data fusion and stochastic modelling techniques to generate spatially and temporally improved datasets

  • Contribute to the GEO Knowledge Hub2

  • Co-design of CC adaptation and mitigation applications together with decision makers at local, regional, national scales.

  • Test the methodology in in five pilots focusing on: 1) water and land management, 2) sustainable agriculture, 3) transport infrastructure, 4) sustainable urban development and 5) disaster resilience

ECMWF's contribution

ECMWF will upscale the methodology of pilots 1 and 5 to the European scale using the fire (GEFF) and flood (LISFLOOD) hazard models from the Copernicus Emergency Management Service (CEMS). Further, ECMWF will carry out climate sensitivity analysis of the models using scenario neutral response surfaces created from perturbing the forcing data.

More information can be found here:

website: eiffel4climate.eu

twitter: @eiffel4climate

The EIFFEL project has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under grant agreement No 101003518.