Workshop: Observational campaigns for better weather forecasts

ECMWF | Reading | 10-13 June 2019

Workshop description

This workshop aims to strengthen the links between observational campaigns and Numerical Weather Prediction (NWP) to (1) help observational campaigns optimise their use of forecasts and knowledge of forecast errors and (2) help NWP system development make better use of observational campaign data. Forecast errors in NWP, such as in the ECMWF forecast system, often motivate field campaigns, and forecasts are used in many ways during these campaigns. This workshop invites experts involved in recent or future campaigns that have made or will make use of ECMWF data to share their experiences and provide feedback on their use of ECMWF forecasts. The process of campaign planning, diagnostics and improved understanding of model errors, and ultimately the improvement of NWP systems will be key themes of the workshop.

ECMWF supports observational campaigns with real-time forecasts, and also with special forecasts with additional output and products. Campaigns are taking place all over the globe from the polar regions to the deep tropics, where the scientific motivation can be very different. However, regardless of the scientific scope, field campaigns share many aspects of using ECMWF forecasts and these will be discussed during this workshop.

Key questions that will be addressed are:

  • How are field campaigns making use of ECMWF data, for defining questions, flight planning, choice of period, etc.? Are there any obstacles to the use of this data?
  • How is NWP development making use of observational campaign data? Can we identify concrete examples of  model or forecast improvement based on past campaigns?
  • How can observational campaigns help us identify and diagnose problems in models, observation operators, etc.?
  • How can knowledge and diagnosis of NWP problems help define future field campaigns? What gaps in knowledge could future campaigns  address?
  • What diagnostic tools can help improve the links between observational campaigns and NWP development? How can these tools be improved?
  • How can observational campaigns learn from each other in terms of their usage and diagnosis of ECMWF forecasts?
  • What can ECMWF do to optimize the utility of data and modelling capabilities to support observational campaigns?


If you wish to attend this workshop, please complete the registration form before 1 March 2019.

Organising committee

Linus Magnusson (Tropical cyclone diagnostics)
Irina Sandu (Development of model parameterisations)
Emma Pidduck (Data Services)
Mark Rodwell (Diagnostics of convection/predictability)
David Lavers (Diagnostics of atmospheric rivers)
Mohamed Dahoui (Observation usage in data assimilation)
Jonathan Day (Diagnostics of Arctic processes)